OSRIC and 1st Edition Complete Arms and Equipment Lists

Arms & Equipment Guide for 2nd Edition

Arms & Equipment Guide for 2nd Edition

Over the course of several PDFs, I hope to come to a “definitive” list of arms, armor, and equipment to use in my OSRIC / Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition games.  After a quarter century playing the game, I feel like it’s time to stop buying books of equipment, and making up new spreadsheets with every edition or change that I like, and just stick with “one thing,” as it were.

Included are all the combat-related house rules I work with.  Notably absent, but perhaps important, is the fact that I use two things that have pretty drastic effects on the game, and are part of the reason why I’m a little more liberal than some DMs in handing out items that deal critical hits (even on rolls of less than a natural 20!):

The rules for this article are being moved to my wiki.  Click here to go directly to that section.

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