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Project Management| Entertainment, Publishing & Online Retail

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North Hollywood, CA


Wearing many hats isn't just a fashion statement for Tim (he doesn't, in fact, wear hats all that often), it's a mission statement every time he walks into work! Wrangling manpower for projects with teams of 20 or more people straddling everything from creative marketing to technical coding, coordinating approvals of assets, streamlining processes, and scheduling executive-level meetings are just some of the things Tim's done in his extensive career working with start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and (on occasion) building his own little projects for the fun of it!



The Disney Store

Pasadena, CA

Online retail and lifestyle.




L.A. Wheel and Tire

Chatsworth, CA

Show-quality chroming for OEM wheels.

eCommerce & Marketing Manager



Kaman Industrial Technologies

Windsor, CT

Distributor of industrial products.

eBusiness Analyst



Freelance / Consulting

Los Angeles, CA

Official website for actress/producer Laurie Landry.

Business Development & Strategy, Publisher, Editor; see Accolades, below








As an editor & proofreader

"Tim's appraisal was thorough, objective, and extremely helpful, and my co-conspirators on the Inept Sorcerers project all agreed once I shared his feedback with them. Without that critical examination, I don't think I would have had the confidence to really go to print, but Tim helped me cross that final hurdle."

-- Bill Garrett, Author and designer of Inept Sorcerers

"Tim was an invaluable resource for preparing my debut novel for publication. His attention to detail, thoroughness, and command over grammar makes him an ideal line-editor; his understanding of story, theme, and authorial "voice" makes him a skilled content editor as well, able to proof for story inconsistencies, continuity errors, and plot flaws. Courteous, easy to work with, and with marketing savvy, I recommend Tim without reservation."

-- Patrick Siana, Author of Reckoning and Wayfarer

"As a first-time author, for whom English is not the first language, I feel really lucky that I got Tim Bannock as my editor. He showed great attention to details, technical proficiency and deep understanding of the text he worked with. He was really supportive throughout the process. My draft was messy and unclear at places, but thanks to Tim's help, I ended with text that's easy and fun to read."

-- Lukasz Matylla, Author and designer of Rising of the Storm (Fate-based roleplaying game)

"Tim's insight into Vow of Honor's document proved elucidating to both myself and my potential customers. His thorough and thoughtful review is, simply put, the most exacting and precise analysis of my creative works I've ever received."

-- Ben Dutter, Author and designer of Vow of Honor Roleplaying Game and owner of Sigil Stone Publishing

As a writer & game designer

"Somebody went to the best Dungeon Masters Guide ever written, the first edition of AD&D and perfectly infused Hexcrawling into the 5e system."

-- Jesse O.

"[The Calendar of Harptos is a] good, solid, useful utility if you are running a game in the Realms and want to track time properly. I really appreciate the effort that went into this."

-- Jared R.

"Clearly, lots of effort went into the data gathering for [the Calendar of Harptos]."

-- Gaetan V.

LinkedIn Recommendations

"During our work together Tim was extremely responsive and was open to all of my suggestions to help him in his search. Tim ended up securing a position with the Disney Store through TEKsystems and was a consultant of mine for 6 months before being brought on as a permanent employee there. It is a true testament to Tim's hard work and dedication to his craft that he was converted to a permanent employee at Disney. I would recommend Tim for any consultative services."

-- Jameson JT Winthrop

"Tim is dedicated and conscientious. His response time and request fulfillment time was fantastic. Never kept me waiting."

-- Trish Lazarin


Looking for an editor for your tabletop roleplaying game, setting, supplement, or adventure? Seeking proofreading, copy editing, or technical documentation editing?

Tim takes projects on a case-by-case basis, but generally charges $2 per page for copy editing and $1 per page for proofreading. Technical documentation or mechanics-heavy games may be slightly more.

Tim can edit in any format that works for you, whether it be hardcopy (you will have to pay postage), Word or Open Office documents, Google Documents, and so on. Tim is fluent in the Comments and Edits features of all major programs, so you can have full control over what edits to accept, if that's your preference.

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